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World-Wide Church Planters was founded in 1998 by Steve Wilkes (Professor of Missions, Mid-America Baptist Steve Wilkes, founder of World-Wide Church PlantersTheological Seminary) and Mark Davis (Pastor, Christ Community Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL) with the purpose of helping missionaries and nationals start new churches. The aim of the organization is to use volunteer teams in reaching the responsive areas of the world. . .where people are very open to the gospel.

WWCP’s basic model is similar to that first developed by a Pentecostal group headed by Assembly of God leader Burt Clendenon. Having successfully used his model around the former Soviet Union for years, Clendenon met with Steve Wilkes and encouraged him to take the model and use it for God’s glory.

Mark Davis - Pastor - Christ Community Baptist Church- Pensacola, Florida

Hello Friends,

I am very happy to report that we had another successful project. Our Lord has blessed in a mighty way. We were able to have the first church service for three new churches. The attendance was well attended. We were able to work with a Pastor who will be responsible for each of these new churches. Our Pastor is hoping to start a fourth church this month and is praying about three other communities. Can you image your pastor preaching at seven churches? He needs our prayers. We also saw 791 people profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We were able to get the names and addresses of all of these folks. The Mother Church is committed to following up on all of these names. They have a major task.

While I was there, Torry Nickerson and I were able to meet with the Leader of the Amazon Baptist Convention. WWCP is being asked to take on more of the river work. They are asking us to take the lead in training and church planting in the Amazon Basin of Brazil. I don't know if you know how huge this is. This door that God has opened to us will allow us to reach every county in the state of Amazonas.

I must say to you, WE NEED HELP PLEASE. We will need teams, prayer partners and yes, folks that will give. I believe that doors are not open long. We must act ASAP. Many in the mission world hold that the Amazon is one of the top harvest areas of the world. Please let me know how you want to fit into God's work in Brazil.



Don't forget our work in East Africa. I am in the process of planning our next project there. I understand that we have over 20 church planters that are ready to be trained. Our churches in Rwanda and Burundi are growing. There are so many villages and communities that have no Bible believing church. Our folks there believe that time is short for them to act. WWCP is determined to help make a difference.

I have a conviction that time is short and we have an opportunity to make a difference in so many countries. Many of these countries have no IMB missionaries. We are the missionary. May I say this again, We Need Help. Thank you for your prayers. Prayer is the foundation to our work. God bless you as you consider becoming a partner with WWCP.

In His Harvest,

Mark Davis

World-Wide Church Planters


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Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The passion of World-Wide Church Planters is to see lost people saved around the world where God is working and to help Baptist National Leaders and our Southern Baptist Foreign Missionaries start new churches.  We believe Jesus is coming soon for His church, and because we believe the time is short, we have a great sense of urgency and zeal to be out in the harvest fields around the world.

Please pray for WWCP as we seek the lost and help to start new churches this year.  We are very excited about the many Baptist National Leaders we will train this year in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean Basin.  We ask you to join us in the work of missions and evangelism around the world.  We need your help in praying, in going, and in giving to WWCP.

Mission trips with * are open for you to partner with us as a team member.  May our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit touch your heart about joining our Volunteer Ministry Teams as we serve our Lord around the world.  If you desire to partner with us, you may contact me at (662) 837-4817 or by mail to Bro. Steve Holliday, P. O. Box 442, Ripley, MS 38663-0442.

Serving Our Lord Jesus,

Steve Holliday

World-Wide Church Planters

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