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World-Wide Church Planters connects with a missionary or a national leader who has a heart to start new churches. After the project plans are set, a church planter trainer goes to the area where the new churches will be started. This trainer must have started or have been involved closely with the starting Training Classesof at least one new church. The trainer could be a missionary, pastor, or layman. In a very intensive 4-6 day school, he teaches three subjects: personal evangelism, spiritual formation, and church planting. During the training, the teacher takes the potential church planters out to do direct, personal evangelism. Taking the church planters on the streets to do evangelism helps them to overcome the fear barrier associated with witnessing. They learn to share Christ by doing it. The trainer acts as both a teacher and a mentor to the church planters, sharing from his years of experience in church planting and walking with Christ.

House to House Evangelism

Immediately following the training, a project leader brings in a team of personal soul-winners from churches in the States. They join the individual church planters in the neighborhoods where their churches will be started. The evangelism teams witness house-to-house, in markets, and in the streets. Normally, there are scores or hundreds of professions of faith as a result of the evangelism. Those who come to Christ during the week of evangelism become the core group for the new churches. When the WWCP evangelism team leaves, the national leaders and missionaries oversee the new church starts.

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