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Over the years, World-Wide Church Planters has worked to plant churches and win souls in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, South Africa, Rwanda, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, British Guyana, French Guyana, Mexico, Dominican Republic, China, Argentina, Haiti, Ecuador, Philippines, India, Honduras, EL Salvador, Germany, and The Unites States.

Currently, we have more invitations to work with missionaries and nationals than we can answer.

Two teams traveled to Ambato, Ecuador, in March of 2005 and worked with IMB missionaries Fletcher and Ruby Dickerson. Working to reach Quichua Indians, they teamed up with Quichua church planters and shared Christ in the markets and the streets. Together these teams helped to plant three new churches and saw more than 3,500 people pray to receive Christ.

Another area that has opened for WWCP is in the southern part of the state of Sinaloa in Mexico. With no IMB personnel in the area, WWCP had been invited by an Praying togetherIMB missiony to “be the missionary” to the area. Culiacan Project Leader, Terry Brown, said there were 5 or 6 new church starts in and around the city. This is so significant because there were only 5 existing churches in Culiacan before this effort. Amazingly, 250 people prayed to receive Christ with only 8 people on the evangelism team! With over a million and a half people in southern Sinaloa and few evangelical churches, the need is great. WWCP has helped start 11 churches in this part of Mexico.

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Steve Holliday's photos from his mission trip to Rwanda in November of 2011
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